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Waltham A17NG

The Waltham A17 is the American pilot watch. It equipped the USAF F-86 Sabre pilots during the Korean War. The A17 production began in 1950, following a federal tender for the US Air Force in 1949 (MIL-W-6433) won by Waltham. This very appreciated model by pilots had the initial vocation to equip the crews of long range bombers based in Europe and Asia. An official collaboration between the Waltham Watch Company and Watch Angels.

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The Beobachtungsuhr (Observation watch) or B-Uhr was the first true pilot watch. A masterpiece of reliable simplicity and precision. For this first new design type since the original, 75 years ago, we answered the question: how would the B-Uhr have been made today, with today's technology and aesthetic codes?

The result: the first B-Uhr executed as a monopusher COSC chronograph with a 30min elapsed time counter mechanically operated by the bezel. 


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WA X Frederique Constant

In 2004, Frederique Constant entered the elite circle of Swiss watchmaking brands that develop and produce their own in-house calibers. Consequently, the Maison became a “Manufacture”. Frederique Constant and Watch Angels team up to create an exclusive special limited edition Manufacture World Timer model in 40mm with a Neoclassical design.
Angel round March 2024.

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Waltham Field & Marine

Developed in 1918 to resist the harsh conditions of WWI trench warfare.
The first waterproof watch.

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The first waterproof watch

The Waltham Field & Marine is the American trench watch which made watchmaking history in 1918 by becoming the first waterproof watch. This bayonet crown watch with has earned a place in the permanent exhibition of the Musée international d'horlogerie, the hall of fame of horology.


87.59% Sustainable

The CB01 GMT is the second chapter of the sustainable tool watches brand by renown watch designer and sustainability advocate Cedric Bellon. Circularly produced and made out of 100% reclycled and certified PuReSteel® the CB01 GMT has an 87.59% sustainability score.


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CB01 Ti

Titans were the children of the Earth. The eternal myth and the legendary power of these characters inspired the name of titanium, one of the strongest and unalterable metals. A metal made to last, to endure time for eternity. For the third anniversary of the Cedric Bellon Sustainable Watches brand the CB01 comes back in a very special limited edition execution. For eternity.


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