For Eternity

Titanium. One of the most durable and unalterable materials on earth. Very light and corrosion resistant.


Encasing the exclusive and repurposed  "small seconds at 12" Dubois Dépraz manufacture movement.


The Titanium grade 5 (Ti6) is repurposed from our factory leftovers.


A limited edition series of three models to celebrate the third anniversary of the CB brand.

Three years. Three colours.

Three years of the Brand. Three unique titanium dial colours. Black, Blue and Indigo. Machined in-house.


The most sustainable for the planet is, of course, no production at all. The next best alternative is to use what is already available insetad of producing something new. That's why the CB01 TITANIUM encases a manufacture Dubois Dépraz small seconds movement (the only small seconds at 12 in the industry) that has been sourced from an unused stock.


Titanium grade 5 is an alloy of 90% titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium. It is stronger and more scratch resistant than the more commercial titanium grade 2 that is widely used in watchmaking. It's harder and more difficult to machine and finish (longer machining time, more expensive tools) and therefore more expensive. For watches titanium grade 5 is and ideal material because it is very light, biocompatible-antiallergic, antimagnetic, corrosion resistant and non toxic. 


Meet the Creator

From a young age Cedric Bellon was fascinated by sciences, nature and crafts. He first studied geology and then laureated in product design at « L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique ». At the age of 26 he discovered watch design and sent some concepts to Swiss watch brands. Bell & Ross, TAG Heuer and Longines gave him a chance and became his first clients. From then on, he was hooked by horology and made watch design his full-time career in 2005. Cedric is an advocate of sustainability in the watch industry.


"Through this watch, I try to do my job in a more virtuous way. It aims at pushing the watchmaking industry to question its design and production processes, and consider that changes are needed. And possible.

It is a tribute to the women and men whose work contributes to a better future. An ode to craftsmanship and the people of watchmaking. A concrete step towards a more sustainable watch industry".

About Cedric Bellon

The inspiration

From hand-tools to tool watch. In a world dominated by complex digital devices, hand-tools are soothing landmarks which are dedicated to a single purpose, made to age, and not predestined to obsolescence. They embody simplicity and sustainability.

Angel round opens Thursday December 7th 2023