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Active Project

Cedric Bellon Sustainable Tool Watches

The first sustainably produced tool watch. A tribute to the women and men whose work contributes to a better future, and an ode to craftsmanship and the people of watchmaking. A concrete step towards a more sustainable watch industry.

One Watch. Two Movements.
100% Recycled Stainless Steel. 100% Swiss Made.

CB01 - 14060
7 Angel seats left
  • 100% Swiss made
  • 100% Recycled SS 
  • Repurposed Dubois Depraz small seconds movement (base: Sellita SW300)
  • Automatic 44H PR
  • 200M/600FT WR
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Dual time zone
  • 40mm Diameter
  • Edition of 400 pcs
CHF 750.00
Retail Price CHF 3,802.00
Crowdmanufacturing Advantage -3.052 CHF
Delivery April 2021
CB01 - 024
29 Angel seats left
  • 100% Swiss made
  • 100% Recycled SS
  • Repurposed Soprod P024 movement
  • Automatic 38H PR
  • 200M/600FT WR
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Dual time zone
  • 40mm Diameter
  • Edition of 1499 pcs
CHF 495.00
Retail Price CHF 2,348.00
Crowdmanufacturing Advantage -1.853 CHF
Delivery April 2021

Meet the creator

Cedric Bellon, watch designer.

I grew up in a traditional middle-class caring and value-oriented family in Brittany, France. From a young age I was fascinated by sciences, geology, ecology, nature and crafts. I studied first Geology at the University of Nantes, then product design at « L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique ».

At the age of 26 I discovered watch design and put down a few design concepts on paper which I sent to watch brands. Eventually, some of them, Bell & Ross, TAG Heuer and Longines, gave me a chance and became my first clients. From then on, I was hooked by horology and made watch design my full-time career in 2005.






Key Features

100% Swiss Made

The watch is entirely produced and assembled by hand in Switzerland. The technical development and industrialization are also entirely Swiss.

Tool Watch Specs

100% Recycled stainless steel case and dial. 200M/660FT Water-resistant. "Compressor" case-back system. Sapphire crystal. Dual time turning bezel locked by the crown. 40mm diameter. 47mm lug-to-lug. Max height 12.58mm.

2 Movements

An automatic Dubois Depraz small seconds at 12 o'clock (base Sellita SW 300) available in 499pcs and a Soprod P024 automatic available in 1499 pcs. Both repurposed.

87% Sustainability Score

2.07 times more sustainable than a similarly priced, traditionally produced and sourced Swiss made series watch. Read the sustainability report download.

What the Experts say

What the Community says

Engage with the creator and the manufacturer

Your inputs and comments

The Process

Angel Pre-Order

Order at design intention stage

Limited Seats


Answer the creator's design brief

Join the community

Public Pre-Order

Order the watch when it's final

Open to all

Choose Your Role

Check out the design intention and the creator's vision. Then choose how to support and how to be be rewarded.


Commits to the maker and project at concept-design intention stage

Kick-starts the project for the entire community

Gets the COST price


Commits at public release stage when the watch design is final

Supports the community by ensuring that the low prices remain viable for the creator and the manufacturer

Gets the WHOLESALE price


Angel subscription

Angel seats left

  • CB01-14060
  • CB01-024

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Ends: November 30 2020

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CB01 - 14060
Dubois Depraz Automatic (base: Sellita SW300)
CHF 750.00
Retail Price CHF 3,802.00
Crowdmanufacturing Advantage -3.052 CHF
post 1
CB01 - 024
Soprod P024 Automatic
CHF 495.00
Retail Price CHF 2,348.00
Crowdmanufacturing Advantage -1.853 CHF
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Total Price: CHF 0
Delivery April 2021

ANGEL PRE-ORDER (limited seats)

Join the crowdmanufacturing team

Join the crowdmanufacturing team

Buy at cost price

Kick-start the project

Angel Options

  • Bespoke options and add-ons (order later)
  • Your watch engraved with the crowdmanufacturing team seal
  • Team listed on the watch papers certifying your Angel role
  • Get the technical drawings

Pre-sale open



Define the final design of the watch

Define the final design of the watch

Collaborate with Cedric

Engage with the community

Estimated Start




Buy at wholesale price

Keep the system viable

Support the community

  • Add options and add-ons (order later)
  • Get the technical drawings

Estimated Opening


Our Factory Direct Promise

5 years warranty

Trusted and verified contractual partner

Swiss quality

Transparency and open doors for the community

Personal service

Crowd Manufacturing

Crowd Manufacturing

The shortest and most transparent watchmaking system. Shorter than any crowdfunding and direct-to-consumer model, because it's factory direct.

A way of making watches that produces value instead of price because it changes the roles: Enthusiasts replaces the distribution, Creators replace the brands, and one Manufacturer replaces the global supply chain.

These 3 entities collaborate to substitute the gigantic and unsustainable traditional watchmaking and watch marketing organisation.

Who is involved?

The only 3 entities required to make a watch.

The Creator

Provides the concept and the design. Gets rewarded with a fair profit for the intellectual work.

The Enthusiast

Becomes a patron of the creator and supports him in design. Gets rewarded with the cost price or the wholesale price.

The Manufacturer

Manufactures the watch and executes the operations. Gets rewarded with a fair profit to keep the system viable.


The Benefits of Crowd Manufacturing

More value. Less Price

One new project every month


Factory direct

Transparent and sustainable

The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer

We're a family owned Swiss watch manufacturer since 1979. We grew to what we are today by listening to our customers and by anticipating the market with new technologies and methods. We produce in-house and under one roof. We employ more than 200 passionate and skilled watchmakers, engineers, technicians, CNC operators, polishers, QC experts, after sales experts and logistics experts.


Meet some of your watchmakers

Each of us has an average of 16 years watchmaking experience. We consider ourselves to be more than an industrial entity. We are a family and we feel accountable for our work and the socio-economic role of our company.


I am machining your watch cases. My job is to make sure that the engineering tolerances are respected. My machine is your machine.


When your watch case needs to be finished with and optimal polishing of the sides, inside the lugs or on the bezel this is my job I do with skill and patience.


The assembly of a case is a critical phase. The subsequent quality and water-resistance of the watch depends on it, and you can depend on me that the ATMs will be respected.


I take care of the of the aesthetic and functional control of your watch before it undergoes any subsequent treatment, or is delivered to you. I have a good a critical spirit and a sharp eye.


My task is to assemble watches by hand, making sure that no dust and no imperfection remain inside it and that air and water tests are passed. It's a serious job requiring passion and dedication.I seriously like it.


I receive the design from the Creator and develop the watch construction to make sure the technical, production and cost requirements are met. Technical drawings and CNC programming are my output.


I am your customer service Angel. Your requests and service needs are handled by me. When a customer is happy and reassured it makes my day.


My work is final QC. I carry out all quality tests, including water-resistancy and aesthetic conformity. Only if I approve, a watch wil be shipped.


I use my scanner like James Bond uses his pistol. Your order is picked, packed and shipped by me. I make sure that you get the right thing at the right time.


I am a leather artisan and I produce your straps. I use traditional methods and sustainably tanned leathers. My straps are made by hand and made to last.