Circular and local

Circularly produced. 100% made in-house in Switzerland. All components are locally sourced.


Executed in Amsterdam's black and red identity, with it's distinctive XXX symbol engraved on dial and caseback.


Made from 100% PuReSteel® recyled 316L stainless steel. 

87.59% Score

With an 87.59% sustainability score the CB X ACE is 2.09 times more sustainable than a comparable series watch.


CB X ACE "MilSpec Amsterdam" GMT Limited Edition

Limited to 25

100% Circularly produced
100% Recycled Stainless Steel – PuReSteel™
39mm diameter
Repurposed Soprod  C125 automatic GMT movement
200m-600ft water-resistant
Handmade sustainable leather strap
Swiss made

Sold out
CHF 1,690.00
Delivery Dispatch in 4-5 days

Key features

The design approach

The CB01-GMT is the new chapter of the CB01 story, originally designed with a skin-diver case, a popular design in 1960s and 1970s. 

The CB01-GMT has been conceived to use the same toolings as the CB01 to avoid producing a new ones thereby saving a lot of energy. The technical conception makes the production processes even simpler and less energy and material consuming than the ones for the CB01. Like for the CB01, a repurposed movement has been used, sourced from a stock of unused Soprod C125 GMT automatic movements.

Like the CB01, the CB01 GMT is simple and "raw". A graphic, robust and sustainable tool-watch.

The CB x ACE is a special execution of the CB01 GMT, inspired by Amsterdam's black & red colour code. A red GMT hand, a brushed stainless steel dial ring and a black dial convey this identity. Of course, the watch also features Amstardam's distinctive XXX symbol engaved on dial and caseback.

I am GMT

"I decided to use the iconic arrow hand commonly used for the GMT function because it clearly, and without possible doubt, claims the function". 

The watch

The sustainability report

The CB01 GMT X ACE achieves a 87.59% sustainability score. The index is based on the weight of each single component. Each score is compared with the theoretical maximum achievable score. The index is an objective value that has been build to measure and compare sustainbility improvements on watch projects. 

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Open letter to the Watch Industry

"Through this watch, we encourage all industry participants to do better for their next watch by using an objective and measurable sustainability index to measure their production. If we all work on improving the same measurable sustainability index, change will become a reality.  

Our wish is that the Swiss made label will one day include a minimum sustainability score".

Cedric Bellon & Alon Ben Joseph (Ace Jewelers)

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More than a watch

More than a watch. The sustainable CB X ACE limited edition is a call to action for the entire watch industry by Cedric Bellon and Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers.  


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Meet the Creator

From a young age Cedric Bellon was fascinated by sciences, nature and crafts. He first studied geology and then laureated in product design at « L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique ». At the age of 26 he discovered watch design and sent some concepts to Swiss watch brands. Bell & Ross, TAG Heuer and Longines gave him a chance and became his first clients. From then on, he was hooked by horology and made watch design his full-time career in 2005. Cedric is an advocate of sustainability in the watch industry.


"Through this watch we try to do our job in a more virtuous way. It aims at pushing the watchmaking industry to question its design and production processes, and consider that changes are needed. And possible.

The CB X ACE is a tribute to the women and men whose work contributes to a better future, and an ode to craftsmanship and the people of watchmaking. A concrete step towards a more sustainable watch industry".

Cedric Bellon and Alon Ben Joseph (Ace Jewelers)

About Cedric Bellon

The inspiration

From hand-tools to tool watch. In a world dominated by complex digital devices, hand-tools are soothing landmarks which are dedicated to a single purpose, made to age, and not predestined to obsolescence. They embody simplicity and sustainability.

The CB01 is the archetype of the sustainable watch: mechanical, simple, reliable, repairable, timeless…made to stay out of fashion cycles. Naturally gorgeous in its simple function. Taking on a patina over time. Even more beautiful after years of use. 

When I first approached the project, I thought that I just had to use recycled materials to succeed. Soon by developing the watch with Watch Angels we’ve realized that a true sustainable project is much more than that. It's about finding what is needed from an existing “circle”, transform it into a new “circle” and, finally, made it ready for its future “circle”. In fact, to process in a cycle

The CBO1 GMT case-body and dial are made of from 100% PuReSteel® recyled 316L stainless steel produced in Europe. The case-back and buckle are made from repurposed scrap 316L steel from our factory.


The most sustainable for the planet is, of course, no production at all. The next best thing is to use what is available insetad of producing something new. That's why the CB01 GMT encases a Soprod C125 automatic GMT movement that has been sourced from an unused stock.