Extremely Rare

The oiginal has been missing from the historical record of American made wrist watches from the WWI era since more than 50 years.

1st Waterproof Watch

As certified and documented by the US Army Signal Corps Laboratory and the US Bureau of Standards in 1918. An industry first.

Sniper Proof

The yellow crytsal had the purpose of dimming the luminous radium numerals which could give away the position of a soldier to a sniper.


Military and Civilian

The Thermo came in two version. The military had a yellow crystal and the civil had a normal crystal an 14K gold case-back.

The first waterproof watch

As tested by the US Army Signal Corps Laboratory and the US Bureau of Standards in 1918. A watch which helped define a nation and the future of watchmaking history.


Waltham instruments were selected by the pioneers of the time, such as Sir Ernest Shackleton on his trek towards the South Pole, Robert Peary when he conquered the North Pole, Charles Lindbergh on the first non-stop transatlantic flight, Roland Rohlfs on his 34,610ft world's altitude flight record and by Top Gun pilots at Fighter Town.

The inspiration

The original 1919 Waltham-Depollier
Thermo watch.

1919 Thermo

We will re-issue the Field & Marine Thermo like Waltham would have made it today by respecting the 1918 design DNA and by applying today's technology and aesthetic codes. The crown-caseback-bezel tripych now guarantees a water resistance of 1000ft-300m giving a new meaning to the word “Marine” in Field & Marine. A trench watch for today with professional diving capability.

An official collaboration with a mission. Waltham belongs back to America. There is its legacy and from there it made watchmaking history. The mid-long term goal of this official collaboration between the Waltham Watch Company and Watch Angels is to bring back Waltham’s production to the US with the help of the watch enthusiasts community.


The Waltham Watch Company

Founded in 1850 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, it moved four years later to the small town that would give the company its name.

Since it beginnings, Waltham has always stood out for the high-precision and superior performance of its instruments. These characteristics earned Waltham a place with the most important organizations and institutions at the beginning of the 20th Century, including the U.S. Military, and Railroad Companies in 52 countries across 7 continents.

Waltham industrialised watchmaking and was the largest watch brand in the world in the first half of the 20th century.

About the brand

The inventor of the American watchmaking system. An incredible story of human ingenuity.

The Book

For nearly 15 years military watch historian and author Stan Czubernat has been researching American made military watches from the WWI era.

In his latest book he proves the Swiss did not invent the waterproof wristwatch watch as has been claimed for the past 96 years.

This honour belongs to Charles Depollier and his Waltham Field & Marine and the Waltham Field & Marine Thermo.

Project curator
Stan Czubernat

Stan Czubernat is a historian and self-trained watchmaker and restorator of antique watches from the pre-WWI era up to the late 1930s.  He is self-trained in the craft of antique watch restoration. He specializes in the Waltham and Elgin brands but on occasion will restore an Illinois or a Hampden time piece from this period.

He has restored over one thousand antique trench watches and wrist watches, his favorites being the Waltham Depolliers, RED 12's, Elgin's Star Dial Series and semi-hermetic cases. Stan is the author of  two books about WWI American Trench Watches, "Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War" and "Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War". He is the founder of LRF Antique watches.

Stan has assured the historical consistency of the project and has collaborated in the design of the new Field & Marine.